Add the sparkle of glitter effects to any logo with Glitter heat transfer vinyl!
Perfect for dance and cheer wear or anywhere you need some extra shine. Glass-like fragments make this the ultimate in glitter transfer films. The glitter is on a pressure sensitive carrier which makes it easy to cut, weed and heat apply.. This ready-to-cut material is designed to be used with a cutting plotter and heat press. Create Professional applications for anything made of cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly blends.  Looks great on Jeans, T-Shirts, Shoes, Bags and more.  
Choose from 28 eye popping colors.  Iron-On (Heat Transfer) Vinyl opens the door to all sorts of creative possibilities. This material is very opaque and has a textured feel. 

Recommended fabrics:
Apply to any cotton or cotton/polyester blend material. 
Heat Press Settings:
Temperature 300° - 320°
Pressure: 55-70 LBS
Medium-Firm Pressure
6-8 on Auto Clam Hotronix
Preheat Platen: Prior to beginning, press empty pad for 3 cycled of 15 seconds.
Failure to preheat pad will cause insufficient heat and will damage first 3 transfers.
Step 1. Cut
Use a plotter, die cut or laser cut. Mirror the image so the lettering says readable.
Step 2. Weed
Remove unwanted areas around the design.
Step 3. Press 
Cover with teflon sheet and press at ~310°F for 10-15 seconds with Medium-Firm  pressure.
Step 4. Peel while still warm
Multi-Color Applications Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl
After preheating garment, position the first color, place cover sheet over graphic, and press for 3-5 seconds at 320°F (160°C). Peel warm. Align second color and replace cover sheet. Repeat for additional colors. Finish with final application step. Easy to position and reposition on the substrate, but Thermo-Tape will help to hold it in place on tough-to-do items.

Glitter Sparkling HTV 20" & 10" 1Yd